Welcome to The Gerbe Derby

Hello hockey fans, welcome to the Gerbe Derby. The Gerbe Derby is a hockey blog/column that my friend and partner TJ Luckman decided to start in order to debate and discuss all of the latest NHL news, namely that of the Buffalo Sabres. Inspired by our constant interaction on Twitter with columnists, the Buffalo sports media, and our opinionated posts, we are excited and ready to write.

I have been an avid Sabres fan since age 8. The ’99 Stanley Cup Finals was my first bout with hockey and ever since has been an obsession and a passion of mine. I remember exactly where I was when the most infamous goal in Sabres history occured. “No Goal” was just the beginning, and since then I have witnessed all of the highs and lows. It’s tough being a Sabres fan, isn’t it? I must note that my other favorite team is the Anaheim Ducks, with the New York Rangers not terribly far behind. Martin Biron is my favorite player of all time.

With expectations higher than ever, the 2011-2012 NHL season has not been very good to Buffalo. After starting 10-5, the team has vastly fallen off of that pace. At the end of tonight, they could be dead last in the Eastern Conference. Not very comforting for a team that was projected to challenge for the Northeast Division (which the Bruins are running away with). They have gone 9-24 since the first 15 games (5 losses came in overtime/shootout). Are injuries to blame? A little. Should a move have been made with regards to trades? Maybe. If so, it’s likely too late to climb back into the playoff race. Should Lindy Ruff be fired? I don’t believe so, but look at Anaheim’s turnaround under Bruce Boudreau, or the Blues’ stampede to President’s Trophy contention under Ken Hitchcock.

There’s nothing more exciting than the NHL and I cannot wait to discuss it with you. Follow me on Twitter (@JosiahDLeRoy) and TJ (@TJLuckman) and send us a tweet if you want to discuss anything Sabres!

Josiah LeRoy
The Gerbe Derby

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