LeRoy: The NHL 12 Sabres Would Have Been Nice

Every year, EA Sports releases their insanely popular NHL title. I ran a simulation of “Be A GM” Mode as the general manager of the Buffalo Sabres. Here is what kind of stats my team had en route to winning the Stanley Cup in NHL 12, versus the disappointing real-life Sabres:

LeRoy Sabres through 82 games (Real life stats in parantheses, through 50 games)

Stat leaders –

Pominville 39 Goals, 31 Assists, 70 Points (17/30/47)
Roy 32G, 36A, 68P (9/16/25)
Vanek 31G, 31A, 62P (19/22/41)
Leino 23G, 27A, 50P (4/8/12)
Ennis 22G, 27A, 49P (3/2/5)
Stafford 20G, 24A, 44P (8/15/23)
Gaustad 17G, 27A, 44P (5/8/13)
Boyes 17G, 26A, 43P (3/9/12)
Ehrhoff 7G, 27A, 34P (3/16/19)
Regehr 5G, 24A, 29P (0/2/2)
Gerbe 13G, 14A, 27P (4/13/17)
Leopold 5G, 17A, 22P (8/9/17)
Gragnani 5G, 13A, 18P (1/11/12)
Weber 3G, 12A, 15P (1/1/2)
Grier (I decided to resign him) 6G, 7A, 13P (retired)
McCormick 2G, 9A, 11P (0/2/2)
Kaleta 5G, 4A, 9P (4/2/6)
Hecht (injured for majority of season, go figure) 0G, 8A, 8P (4/4/8)
Mara (another free agent signing) 1G, 5A, 6P
Sekera (I used Gragnani and Weber over Sekera) 0G, 1A, 1P (2/6/8)

Miller 67GP, 50-16W-L, 1.80 GAA (31, 13-17)
Enroth 16GP, 10-6W-L, 2.21 GAA (19, 8-12)

In the playoffs, the team went 4-3 against Toronto, 4-1 against Winnipeg, 4-2 against New Jersey, and 4-3 against St. Louis in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Sabres won the Presidents Trophy, going first overall in regular season standings. Toronto was the 8th seed, Winnipeg the 6th, New Jersey the 4th, and St. Louis was 4th in the West for what it’s worth.

As you can see, my team did not provide crazy numbers. In fact, most of those numbers would have matched expectations for their real-life counterparts. It comes down to an improved defense and a vastly improved offense.

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